Health First Transport Atlanta | Special Needs Transportation



Local Transport

We have a fleet equipped to handle people requiring wheelchair transportation and people who are able to ride in a traditional car with assistance. Both options enable those who use these services to ride in comfort and safety without the worries of how to get to appointments or other engagements.

Online Reservations

We have come up with innovative ways to provide the best and safest service possible to our clients.  From comfortable custom transport vans to the latest in website technology, we have found ways to provide every client with convenience.  Health First Transport of Atlanta Georgia is equipped to make reservations by phone or online.

No Contracts

What starts out as something great quickly disintigrates and there is no way to get out of many long term obligations.
You should not be stuck in long term commitments, because situations change, and your needs also change.

At Health First Transport of Atlanta, we only employ medically trained technicians and those with clean background checks and impeccable driving records. When you are riding in one of our vehicles, if there is an emergency, our drivers are trained to handle emergency situations. Besides our training... Our drivers are compassionate and are very good listeners who want to have conversations with our clients.  This is valuable to any person that understands social behavior.

Health First Transport of Atlanta is equipped to provide transportation for persons in wheelchairs, on stretchers, or with special ambulatory needs.  Our drivers not only drive, they are trained with these types of situations.  Besides the great care provided, they are excellent drivers too!  Every vehicle is equipped with the latest technology in navigation so as not to waste time looking for your arrival point, whether it is a doctor's office or a shopping center.