Health First Transport Atlanta | Special Needs Transportation



What type of vehicle is being used

Many use the "traditional" ambulance configuration or vehicles with wheelchair lifts. This is cause for concern. Although accidents can happen anywhere, our state of the art vehicles eliminate any lifting or the use of any electro-hydraulic lifts of the stretcher/wheelchair with the patient. Just another positive step in client safety that Health First Transport of Atlanta provides.

Motor Carrier Licensed by the USDOT for interstate transportation

Many companies are not licensed to do business as a non-emergency medical transportation company and conduct themselves through interstate transportation. The USDOT requires special licensing and a Motor Carrier License in order to conduct interstate transportation, legally.
We are proud of our training and licensing, that is why we proudly display it:  Our MC# 862134

Who will be driving

A highly trained, professional, courteous, uniformed driver will meet you with an ID containing their picture and name along with company credentials.  At any time you are able to contact the company to confirm their employment.

What are the qualifications of the drivers

At Health First Transport of Atlanta Georgia, we only employ those with clean background checks and impeccable driving records who are trained routinely in the industry and in the latest technology. Even when you are riding in one of our vehicles, if there is an emergency our drivers are trained to handle emergency situations. Remember to mention special needs when making your reservation to ensure that you are matched with the appropiate transport team.

Should I call you if I have an emergency

No. If you have an emergency, you should call 911.  We are not an emergency ambulance provider.  However, if someone with an emergency should contact us, we will help to contact the appropriate emergency provider.

How much notice do we need

More often than not we can provide same-day service. However, additional notice does increase the likelihood that we will be able to meet your appointment time preference.  Health First Transport of Atlanta has implemented the latest in technology to provide customers with online reservations along with the ability to call to make reservations.  This is important so that medical appointments are not missed or confused.

Can I cancel an appointment

We require you cancel your trip at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled trip.

Can I bring along a rider

We do allow one (1) rider with our patients. If there are extenuating circumstances please contact us and we may be able to make special arangements.

We REQUIRE an additional rider for:
          •  Transporting a minor.  A parent, legal guardian or licensed health care provider must ride with a child.
          •  If a patient is very upset, in physical pain, or otherwise unstable and the rider's presence will positively impact patient's comfort level.
          •  Any patient suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia

If I am unable to provide an additional rider as mentioned above, can you provide one

Yes, we can provide a rider for an additional fee. However we cannot legally provide an additional rider for a minor.

Will you wait with my loved one once they reach his or her destination

We can drop off the patient and pick him or her up once the appointment is complete, or we can wait with the patient. There are additional fees associated with waiting at an appointment.