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Special Needs Transportation is Now Available To Our Neighbors in Atlanta


BBD Health LLC was incorporated in 2014 by Rajeev Desai and Jerry Beharry, who saw a need in the Greater Atlanta Metro area for quality non-emergency ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transportation. As the 2nd most saturated market for this industry in the country (behind only Los Angeles), the lack of oversight and regulation in the state breeds an environment in which just about any unqualified, ill-equipped, ill-prepared beginner could open up shop. This being the case, there were many operations that began to spring up (and continue to do so) doing more harm than good to the reputation of this industry in the process.

Although the company has been around for a few years, Health First Transport of Atlanta has quickly set the bar for all others to reach. The consistent quality service and high standards that we hold ourselves to is helping our company to quickly grow and become the most prominent non-emergency medical transportation service in the Atlanta Metro.

Due to the company's remarkable growth, we continue to add vans to our ever-increasing fleet to see to the needs of our ever-increasing customer base.

Most importantly, regardless of the amount of time, growth, and changes within the company, quality patient care will always be delivered with safety, service, and accountability as the backbone of our mission.


Who wants to ride in a "traditional" ambulance, you ask?  Not too many people.  Studies indicate that those riding in a more "conventional" vehicle tend to feel better and react more positively to treatment than those traveling in a  "traditional ambulance".

Health First Transport of Atlanta Georgia uses environmentally friendly minivans that use the latest Eco-fuel saving technology, which protects the environment. Since we are Motor Carrier Licensed for interstate travel (some of our competitors are not), we inspect our vehicles through a 35 point check at the beginning of each employees' shift on a daily basis.

In addition to daily monitoring we regularly complete oil changes, tire rotations and balancing, antifreeze changes, brake, power steering and transmission fluid changes according to manufacturer specifications.

We are confident that a preventative maintenance approach to our vehicles is more efficient and will potentially prevent our customers from becoming stranded due to breakdowns.

At Health First Transport of Atlanta we want to provide a casual experience for our valued special needs customers, that is why we have non-threatening, non-medical emergency transportation vehicles ready to take you where you want to go.